Squirrels in your ceiling

squirrel stuck in ceiling eastern ky
What to do when a squirrel is stuck in your ceiling

It’s important to understand just how your squirrels got in, and why you need to get them out as soon as possible.

Damage caused by a squirrel in the ceiling

When squirrels get caught inside a house, they wildly attempt to get out by gnawing on anything and everything until they can escape. This includes anything obstructing their exit: sheet rock, wiring, and whatever else they think might be in the way.

When the squirrels have been caught inside for several days, it isn’t crazy to see them bite their way into your living space.

We have seen squirrels that are caught inside a house bite through ceilings.

Finally, on the off chance that they can’t get out or get into the living space, they may wind up dying inside the attic. This creates more problems for the homeowners. It’s much better to seek squirrel pest control services.

It takes fourteen days or so for people to begin smelling a decayed squirrel inside the house. It’s very hard to find the source of the smell once you do start to smell it.

This is why it’s much easier to prevent a squirrel from getting in than to deal with the aftermath.

We knew one homeowner who bought a new vent that prevented the squirrels living in his attic from leaving. The new vent had a shiny bright new screen inside.

He didn’t know that there were squirrels living in his attic and found out several days later that they had chewed through the mesh in order to escape.

The squirrels are locked outside and want back in

In some cases if you seal an opening while a squirrel is out for the day, they come back to discover their favorite entrance is now blocked.

They will then spend considerable time trying to find new entrances, and potentially try to make new ones.

They will gnaw at different areas around your rooftop until they locate a weak point that they can tear open.

For this situation, squirrels are frequently observed running around on rooftops for quite a long time as they search for another path in.

Naturally, the home owner winds up with another new squirrel entry hole and an attic full of squirrels!

Another BIG reason a squirrel might break in is that you sealed off a mother squirrel from her young who are still inside. The kids are trapped inside while momma is furiously trying to get back in.

If there are baby squirrels inside the ceiling, it’s important to remove them first before conducting a seal up of those entry points.

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